How to Get a True Fitness Workout

The True Fitness WorkoutThe definition of true fitness is something that is very subjective and keeps changing depending on who you ask. Sports scientist will tell you that the definition is directly related to what they call your VO2 Max which is the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can process at any given time.

True Fitness workout to put you to the max

If you ask any bodybuilder or someone who is into building muscle they will tell you that their own definition of true fitness is someone who can do 30 reps with 350 pounds on their back without stopping.

This wide range of interpretations of what true fitness actually is has resulted in a study that was done where they measured the amount of calories burned and the amount of energy required to do a specific sport. The top of that list was professional motocross and then professional ice hockey of all sports.

Who are the toughest athletes

The list is long and professional soccer is up in the top five but we need to think about the demand of energy as well as strength when it comes to sports like rugby, American football, wrestling and many others. This type of fitness may not need as many calories to burn but it still requires enormous strength within your core.

It is the development of both types of fitness which obviously has the most beneficial effect on your total health. It is true that anyone who can do 30 squats with a heavy weight is not only strong but has high level of cardiovascular fitness as well.

Muscle First, then cardio

There are certain specific ways of developing this overall type of true fitness. The best of these is getting back to the basics and putting on muscle before you actually start increasing your cardiovascular fitness. This means doing compound movements like deadlift, squats, bench-press etc.

Getting the mixture right of strength and fitness is probably best represented in the 300 workout which can be done fast with high intensity and produce good results. The process is by simply selecting your sets and a rep that training the whole workout comes to 300 reps. Below is an example.

True Fitness Workout:

Set 1 - x 20 reps of each exercise

- Squats
- Medicine Ball Push Up
- Dips
- Pull Ups
- Dumbell curls

Set 2 25 reps of each exercise

- Sit-ups
- V-Ups
- Medicine ball twists
- Medicine ball lying leg ups

Set 3 - 20 reps of each exercise

- dumbbell clean to military press
- bench dips
- jump squats
- dumbbell lunge
- incline dumbbell press

Sports science has shown that circuit training is very effective as it pushes the blood around your body from one extreme to the other resulting in cardiovascular fitness as well as strength. This type of training can be very effectively adapted using your own bodyweight as well.

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