The 5 Best Ab Workout For Beginners

Tips and Techniques to Improve your Ab WorkoutEveryone wants those rock hard chiseled abs but let’s face it doing sit ups can be quite a drag. Not to mention if done incorrectly you can risk injury. If you want to strengthen your abs, it is imperative that you work your abdominals on a regular basis with effective exercises but if you are tired of the same old Ab workout mix up your routine with these helpful tips.

Guide to Upgrade your Ab Workout

1. Don’t wait till the end of your workout

If you just ran for an hour or finished a grueling weight circuit chances are the last thing you want to do is a full Ab workout. Try incorporating you Ab exercises into your warm up or in the middle of your workout for a change of pace.

2. Get off the Floor

Traditional sit ups and crunches are not the only way to work your abs. Try hanging knee raises or back extensions with weight.

3. Reduce your reps

You don’t have to do 100 reps in a row to get a good Ab workout. Try breaking it down into 2 sets of 50 or 4 sets of 25. You want to get a nice burn but still maintain your form.

4. Flex your way to tighter abs

Your ab workout doesn't have to be isolated to the gym. Work on your abs all day by flexing and releasing. You can do them at red lights, while sitting at your desk or pretty much any time. Just flex and hold for 30 seconds and repeat.

5. Use Ab Equipment

Now we’re not advocating that you have to go buy an Ab roller or the latest gadget on the market. However try using objects like a medicine ball or resistance bands to improve your Abs workouts.

Using these simple tips and techniques you can effectively kick off your ab workout and be on your way to a chiseled six pack in no time.

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