How To Get Bigger Biceps Step by Step Program

Training for Bigger BicepsThere have been countless bodybuilders over the years that started training because they want to build bigger biceps. It seems that since the dawn of time man seems to take pride in showing his strength by flexing a bicep. The truth is that your bicep strength or size has very little to do with your overall strength and muscle that you carry.

How to get bigger biceps

There is a big difference between having big arms and having big biceps and all bodybuilders know this very well. The triceps make up 80% of the size of your arm so if you want bigger arms you need to strengthen your triceps. We are talking about biceps here and how to increase the size and strength.

It is obviously going to make a big difference to how you train your biceps whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced bodybuilder who has been training with weights for years. We will assume that you have been training less than two years here.

Pre-exhaust training

When you work your biceps it is an important part of making any training routine complete and you can do with your back workout. This is going to pre-exhaust the strength you have in your biceps before you even get there which is a good thing as it will make 50 pounds feel like 500 pounds.

Include Supersets

The other alternative is to do your arms on one day which means you will be doing a superset between triceps and biceps which is a tough workout and will really get your arms pumped up. It is advisable to not only do heavy sets with low reps but to mix it up at least once a week.

Throw in some 21’s

A good way to mix it up is by doing 21’s which is something do by selecting a weight for that it MUCH lighter that what you were doing for 8 reps. If you are doing standing barbell curls you would then do half a movement from straight arms to half way up for the first 7 reps.

You then start from halfway through the movement to complete the bicep curls for the next 7 reps and your last 7 to complete the 21 reps are done using a normal full range standing barbell curl. This will give you an enormous pump and will make you feel like your biceps are twice the size they really are. that how you build bigger biceps.

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