Treadmill Workouts to Change up Your Routine

Treadmill Workouts to Change up Your RoutineSometimes seen as one of the most boring forms of exercise ever experienced. The treadmill offers a routine filled with countless and sometimes seemingly endless hours of just staring at the wall. As we begin to be overcome with this ultimate boredom we begin to wonder to ourselves, there must be something more to this. The good news is, your treadmill workouts really doesn’t have to be like this. There are a few things one can do to add new life and variety to your otherwise boring treadmill workout. Treadmill workouts to change your routine.

Treadmill Workouts to Change up Your Routine

Firstly we need to realize that we have the power to change our workout to what we want it to be. The opportunity has already been provided to either go all out for a full exercise or take your time in mediocracy. With that in mind although the treadmill can be boring and uneventful, you have the power to transform it into an event filled with challenges, fun and excitement.

Start Slow

For the beginner it is always recommended to start at a slow manageable pace. Once you are able to maintain that pace comfortably you can begin to increase the distance and duration of the workout. Ensure you are wearing the proper shoes for running before you attempt to use the treadmill allowing yourself rest periods in instances where your body might show signs of exhaustion.

By initializing your routine at a slow pace you ensure a minimal possibility for injury during your workout which will generally affect the feet, back and knees. Resistance training has been often suggested for beginners to strengthen leg muscles used during this type of exercise.

Try Interval Training

Most enthusiasts will recommend that to add some life to your treadmill workout you should change your pace. If you’re constantly walking at the same pace during each workout, your body will naturally begin to adapt to that specific routine which will prevent you from achieving the long term goals set. The human body has the natural ability to respond to the change in activity intensity and increase or decrease your metabolism rate accordingly. The pyramid scheme used by most people to increase the walking intensity and pace accordingly to a point where the body is unable to maintain that pace for any extended period of time and then decreasing that pace to a more comfortable rate. This process is repeated continuously each time increasing the threshold rate allowing the body to familiarize itself with walking at a faster rate inadvertently increasing it’s stamina and potential.

Using the same principles respective to changing the rate of waking out on the treadmill you can use the pyramid scheme while walking on a hill or set the incline rate of the treadmill. Begin to jump start the body by introducing some hill repeats into your daily routine. This will allow your body to naturally respond to this form of intense activity as you will become the beneficiary of increasing your cardiovascular function and muscle strength development at the same time.

Train with a partner

Engaging in light but meaningful conversation with someone you meet next to you on the treadmill is a great idea. Scientific research has shown that by having a partner during your exercise routine allows the mind to condition itself to increasing the duration and intensity of the workout. Reading your favorite book or watching the television can also have positive and stimulating effects, however your focus must be maintained while entertaining.

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