Wave Loading Training Strength Gains

Wave Loading for Extreme StrengthThe success of any weight lifting program depends on what the weight lifter wants to achieve at the end of the routine. As a result you need to continuously track the progress of your workouts. The type of lifting plan that is followed will give results related to that weight lifting curriculum. For example if you are only interested in building muscle, your Wave Loading training schedule will differ from someone whose main aim is to boost power, or someone who is mainly concerned with strength gains.

Guide to Wave Loading Training

Additionally, those who have reaped major success from their lifting program will tell you that there is a lot to be gained from varying the way in which you conduct the lifting exercise. This involves changing the number of repetitions (reps) versus the weight load each day, rather than simply increasing weight load to go after a new personal record (PR), but again it depends on your end game because in some cases all out training to absolute failure has its place in the mix.

One great way to produce intense gains is wave loading training. This is a training practice which involves increasing and decreasing the weight being lifted from set to set, rather than using the same amount throughout.

Wave 1

  • For your first set use a heavy weight for say 5 reps
  • Next set increase the weight but this time do only 2 reps

You have now completed one wave. Move on to another wave but this time this is how it looks:

Wave 2

  • For your first set use a heavier weight than used in wave 1 for 5 reps
  • Next set increase the weight but this time do only 2 reps

Wave 3

  • Use a much lighter weight than that used in wave 1 but this time do 10 reps.

Not only will you feel much stronger when using wave loading training but it allows your body to handle a heavier, more intense weight load. Eventually leading to bigger strong gains, and who will argue with that?

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