Resistance Training Exercises For Beginners

Ways to Combine Metabolic Training with Resistance TrainingOne of the great mysteries in the fitness industry is whether the person training should focus on cardiovascular training, resistance workout exercises, or weight training in their quest for weight loss and muscle build.

Top tips on how to use Resistance Training in combination with other methods

While some powerlifters will often focus their training on weight and resistance training exercises during their workout, the larger majority of professional bodybuilders recommend a combination of both cardio or metabolic training and weight lifting to benefit form the best results in obtaining a lean ripped physique.

What the Science has to say

Studies conducted periodically have all shown a considerable loss of body fat respective to cardiovascular training as opposed to weight lifting as the majority of cardiovascular based training exercises have been found to perform much better at obtaining results compared to exercises based on weight lifting principles.

HIIT Training

This is vastly due to the continuous movements of the typical cardio exercise often at a high interval intensity and volume additionally with the after burn calorie effect when compared to the intermittent exercise of the traditional wight lifting exercise irrespective of the high frequency sometimes performed. Thus for a total workout experience to provide the best results a large number of professional trainers in their DVD programs have combined both methods of training to provide the user with the best outcome.

Strength Training

Resistance and strength training is one of the most effective methods used today to build muscle mass and strength. The metabolic rate of the muscle tissue f the human body far exceeds the rate of fat tissue which results in the increase of the current resting metabolic rate and energy disbursement with muscle build contrary to the existence of more body fat than muscle.

The differences however are not as considerable as most men experience less than a few dozen calories burned for each pound of muscle build on a daily basis. While this is observed as somewhat beneficial to the person training, the effect is not substantially life altering in the area of weight loss. Rather weight and resistance training is uniquely designed to promote and maintain muscle build.

Resistance Training and Weight Loss

Weight loss experienced by men today is not just a loss in calories and fat tissue but a combination of both muscle fiber and fat. An effective training program as such is often designed to increase weight loss and stimulate muscle growth as well as providing several other performance and health benefits to the individual.


Cardiovascular training such as aerobic exercises performed at a light to moderate frequency allows the individual training to repeat the workout for a longer period than in the event of weight and resistance training. This continuous movements of the cardiovascular workout give the training the fundamental advantage of energy spent during the workout session.

Weight Training

Bodybuilders and powerlifters have traditionally mixed weights and movements creating what is technically referred to as circuit training sessions for the added boost to their workout routine however continuous movement is the key factor to any cardiovascular workout by raising the current heart rate and blood flow of the individual training to produce the maximum calorie and after burn to rest in weight loss of the individual.

Metabolic Training

Circuit training is undoubtedly the most widely used and effective form of training combining metabolic and resistance training burning more than five hundred calories per hour in the average male weighing one hundred and eighty pounds. The techniques employed by the method of circuit training have been proven to provide much greater results on the duration and magnitude of the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or after burn promoting weight loss than any of the known strength training routines utilized today.

Combo Training with Resistance

Other forms utilizing a combination of metabolic and resistance training include, paired set training performing two exercises in succession without including any rest period and the combo training workout known as a more demanding type of training combining resistance training with an aerobic exercise.

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