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Weekend Warriors Workout Pros and Cons

The Weekend Warrior Workout exercise programMost people who have a regular day job that forces them to sit at a desk in front of a computer monitor for most of the day and then with other family related responsibilities, the gym may not be an option during the week. However as soon as the weekend begins to turn the corner, they get into a high gear frenzy to cram a week’s worth of exercises into the two day period. These enthusiasts have generally been referred to as Weekend Warriors and their exercise program has been dubbed the Weekend Warriors Workout.

Are you a Weekend Warriors?

Many fitness professionals have suggested that this practice is quite ineffective and can be seen as a waste of time only accounting for the high turnout in attendance at the local gyms during the weekends. It has been a proven fact that working out only during the weekends is not an effective way to enhance muscle mass and strength. Most weekend warriors justify this method as a beneficial routine as opposed to the lazy couch potato who sits at home on Saturday mornings snacking on a bowl of chips while watching cartoons.

Pro’s and Con’s of a weekend only workout routine

The problem with this specific exercise approach is that the weekend warriors has to wait five whole days before being able to perform the next workout. During these days the body and the muscles become de-conditioned thus losing fitness and muscle tone through the lack of exercise. Many fitness experts have suggested that by implementing a successful workout twice per week effectively spacing both days apart, will yield much better results than cramming an exercise program into a high frequency workout to be completed within two days as in the case of the Weekend Warriors Workout. By scheduling workouts during the week such as on Wednesdays and Saturdays experts have added that successful results will be slowly guaranteed over a period of time.

Choose effective workouts

Circuit Training

In order to achieve the maximum results from such a two day workout, circuit training using a combination of strength training and high frequency aerobics should be the main focus of the workout program. Circuit training should be initiated by 3 to 5 minutes of aerobic exercises as a warm up workout to get the blood flowing and the heart rate elevated to stimulate the muscles in preparation for the workout. This warm up should be followed by at least 3 minutes of strength resistance training used to build muscle mass and overall strength.

This series of exercise program should be alternated repeatedly over a thirty minute period or until the point of exhaustion, thus completing the workout. For people who generally have a hectic work schedule, high frequency workouts such as these performed twice or even three times per week is one of the best ways to condition the body to achieve endurance and build strength.

HIIT Workout

High intensity workouts performed back to back during weekends as indicated by the Weekend Warriors Workout, have been known to increase the potential risk of injury to the weekend warriors as the muscles when exercised during the weekend become de-conditioned during the week increasing the risk of them becoming sore and damaged when suddenly exposed to these high frequency workouts. Many experts have concluded that for a person to achieve the best possible workout, the muscles must not be allowed to become de-conditioned but rather should be constantly exposed to selective workout routines with adequate rest periods of at least 2 to three days to recover.

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