What is TRX Suspension Training?

What is TRX Suspension TrainingWhen it comes to exercising you have many options between hitting the Gym or working out from home with fitness DVDs. Within the last few years there has been a huge amount of fancy gadgets and contraptions created in hopes to break into the fitness equipment market. Today we’ll be looking over the TRX Suspension Training system and if it’s really effective or just another fancy toy that doesn’t bring results.

What is trx Suspension Training?

Developed by a Navy SEAL the TRX Suspension Training is designed to create hundreds of different body weight exercises you can do from home or anywhere that allows you to attach the TRX.

Most people in the military have limited equipment if they are deployed and the TRX I believe was designed with that in mind. If you’re a navy seal or stationed on a ship there probably isn’t a lot of room to exercise so that’s why the TRX is a perfect tool for this environment. Allowing you to stay in good physical shape without the need of dumbbells or machines is pretty great but let’s make a comparison between the pros and cons.

Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

  • Mobile – Allowing you to attach this anywhere available and get a good workout in
  • Body Weight – There is great moves that use just the body like pushups, pull ups and core abdominal work.
  • No extra equipment needed
  • Adds variety if you’re already working out in a gym
  • Good for a sedentary individual or someone new to exercise

Downsides of the TRX

  • High price tag
  • High chance for injury if you are overweight trying this (intensity is created by the angle of your body)
  • Ineffective for gaining weight or building mass muscle
  • Pushups can only get you so far, bench press and compound lifts will be needed at some point

In the end it’s all personal preference to whether TRX Suspension training effective enough to really worth it. I myself think it’s a good buy if you are someone who will use TRX in addition to your current workout program. If you are already in average shape but want to tone up a bit this might be effective as well. If you’re trying to gain muscle then just stick with the gym. Overall it’s a solid product but with the high price tag, unless you’re made of money you really need to evaluate the value you hope to get from this. If you plan on using it every day and stay diligent with it then I can see it being a worthwhile investment.

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