The Barbell Complex Workout Program

The Barbell Complex WorkoutIn today’s fitness world the barbell seems to be just an old school equipment, which is only useful for the meatheads who want to lift big weights. This way of thinking has grown mostly because of the invasion of the new machines from the gyms, which makes barbell exercises look useless and old. But the reality is that the barbell exercises are much more effective than the ones done with the machines. In order to stop this bad concept we developed a barbell complex workout, which will make you strong and muscular, and also will make you forget the machines.

Barbell Complex Workout Program for Full Body Muscle Gain


One of the greatest exercises ever, which will work all the lower body, mainly the quads, hamstring and glutes. Squats will help your body to gain both size and strength. Do them with proper form, don’t add too much weights on the bar because it will ruin your form, which in the end can lead to injuries.
Do 3 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions.

Horizontal bench press with barbell

This is one of the most popular exercises in the fitness industry. It develops mostly the chest muscles, but it puts a great emphasis on the front shoulders and triceps also. Keep your chest up and shoulders down while doing it. By doing this you will do the exercise correctly.
Do 3 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions.

Bent over barbell rows

If you want a great back this exercise is the exercise you need to do. Bent over rows will develop mostly the back muscles, but it will challenge very much your core also, thing which will strengthen it. Keep the knees bent in order to set yourself in a good starting position and also make sure to pull the bar with your lats.
Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Standing shoulder press

An exercise which will work the shoulders at a significant rate and which also as the bent over barbell rows will work the core. While doing them, make sure that you don’t over extend your back, because you can hurt your lower back.
Do 2 sets of 10 and 12 repetitions.

Barbell upright row

This is a great exercise for your side deltoids which will also work your traps. Make sure to pull “from the elbows” to work the deltoids effective.
Do 2 sets of 10 and 12 repetitions.

Biceps barbell curls

If not the best, it is definitely one of the best exercises for developing the biceps. Use weights that will allow you to do the exercise with proper form.
Do 2 sets of 8 and 10 repetitions.

Lying barbell triceps extension

For developing big impressive triceps, you definitely need to do this exercise. Add weights that you can control and with which you can feel your triceps working.
Do 2 sets of 10 and 12 repetitions.

As you can see the barbell complex workout is a program that will challenge all the muscle from your body, do it 2-3 times per week with 1 day break (at least) between the sessions.

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