Healthy Hair For The Regular Guy

5 Foods for Healthy Hair5 Foods for healthy hair. Having a nice healthy hair is important to men. There are some Foods that you eat can determine the health shine, texture and even fullness of your hair. Incorporating these foods into your daily diet not only are healthy for your body but have an added extra benefit for your that healthy head of hair you desire.

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3’s are great in so many ways for you it should be a must in your daily diet. Healthy skin and scalp are one of many great benefits from this super nutrient. You can find Omega 3’s in sardines, salmon and nuts.

2. Iron

Baldness has been contributed low iron levels in men based on scientific research. One leading theory in hair regrowth is the experimentation with iron levels. So if you suffer from thining hair incorporating more iron into your diet is a no brainer. Beans, whole grains and lean red meat are great sources of iron.

3. Water

Water is key in hydration. If your hair is dry and stringy it is most likely a direct result from lack of water in your diet. The recommended 8 glasses a day might be hard for most to keep up with but you should at least try to get two large bottles in a day.

4. Greens

Dark green vegetables such as spinach and swiss chard are an excellent sources of Vitamins A and C which helps your body produce sebum. Sebum is attributed to the healthy oil that your hair follicles produce, kind of like a natural conditioner.

5. Low Fat Dairy Products

Dairy products that are low in fat such as yogurt and skim milk are rich sources of calcium and casein both of which are great for hair growth and protein. Two essential components for healthy hair growth.

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