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Adult Acne 4 Ways to Prevent a Breakout

Adult Acne  Ways to Prevent a BreakoutAdult acne 4 ways to prevent a breakout. You’d think that when you reach adulthood that adult acne would be a thing of the past, wouldn’t you? But, sadly 1 out of 5 adults today suffer from adult acne, marring what would otherwise be healthy skin. Are you suffering from adult acne read more below.

Adult acne 4 ways to prevent a breakout

For some acne during adulthood can be even worse than what they had during adolescence, making it vital to find ways to prevent breakouts so that they can resume a normal life without the low-confidence causing, embarrassing problem known as adult acne. Take a look at these 4 ways to prevent a breakout to get your skin looking clear and smooth once again.

Look at the Fine Print When Buying Hair and Skin Products

Many skin and hair products can contain a great deal of oil that can clog up the pores and cause breakouts such as lotions, shaving products, cologne, sunscreens and more. Consider switching to products that are marked oil-free or “noncomedogenic” as this will help to allow the pores in your skin to stay clear and clog-free, keeping breakouts from occurring far less frequently.

Keep Your Hands off Your Face

For many people a significant amount of oil on the face comes not from products, sweat, etc; it comes from touching their faces with oily hands. Most people are fairly unaware of how much they touch their face each day and each time they do they are transferring oil from the hands (gained from touching other things, eating, etc) onto their face and into their pores. Additionally, touching your face can cause the growth of bacteria and can lead to infections in the areas most affected by adult acne. So, keep your hands off you face as much as possible to prevent a breakout.

Wash Up After Sweating

After physical exertion it is best to wash up to clear away sweat that has mixed with oil on the skin, which can trap substances in your pores and cause a breakout. If you can take a shower, a simple rinsing with warm water will help to clear away the sweat and keep your pores clear and clean. Furthermore, it is best to change out of sweaty clothes as soon as possible as well because the sweat from the fabric can cause breakouts on the legs, chest, arms and back, which nobody want.

Don’t Overdo It with Washing the Skin or Scrubbing

Most people think that dirt causes acne; it doesn’t, oil does. And, by washing or harshly scrubbing your face to remove dirt you can actually make things worse because it might instigate excess oil production that will clog the pores even more. Instead, wash your face with a mild soap once or twice a day without scrubbing too hard; this will allow you to clean away the excess oil without removing more than is necessary or causing damage to the pores that can lead to a greater risk of clogging.

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