Bad breath: The Causes and the Cures

Bad breath: The Causes and the CuresBad breath causes and cures, Bad breath, or halitosis, as it’s scientifically referred to is a decidedly unpleasant affliction to suffer from, which can make social settings and gatherings particularly awkward and embarrassing, and as for romantic liaisons, well, if you’re suffering from bad breath then she’s not going to want to go anywhere near you, so you can kiss the thought of getting lucky goodbye. Bad breath is an embarrassing and unpleasant condition, which is actually pretty common, and is also pretty treatable too. The only problem with bad breath, is that the person whose breath smells absolutely foul, cannot smell it for themselves, so as far as they’re concerned, everything’s fine. As we said, bad breath can be cured and treated, but it’s also important to know what actually causes it, as, you've probably heard ‘prevention is just as effective as the cure’.

Bad breath causes and cures

Bad breath causes

Bad breath affects a huge percentage of the human race, with people all over the world suffering from this condition, sometimes oblivious to how bad the smell emanating from their mouths can sometimes be. Some of the more common causes include:

A dirty mouth

Mouth odors come from the mouth itself, so either from traces of foods we've eaten, or from bacteria that’s already there perhaps. Bacteria already in the mouth can interact with food and drink we consume, which results in stinky compounds being produced.

Low carbohydrates

People who follow the Atkins diet, or other similar low-carbohydrate based diets, often experience a strange taste in their mouth. This strange taste is the tell-tale sign that their breath will now smell pretty badly indeed. Low carbs result in bad breath because of excessive ketones, which can actually be released via the breath, hence the bad smell.

Smelly foods

Obviously we all know that garlic and onion can result in bad breath, but there are also other foods which cause halitosis. Alcohol and tobacco can also cause bad breath, as well as sea food and strong herbs.

Bad breath cures

The above are simply examples of causes, here are a few of the cures:

Keep the mouth moist

When you’re thirsty, you get a bad taste in your mouth, which also causes bad breath, keeping the mouth moist however, can help prevent it from smelling as it helps to encourage just the right balance of saliva.

Eat some carbohydrates

Unless you’re following a low carb diet, there’s really no reason why you shouldn't consume carbs. Eating carbs will help to knock your body out of ketosis, meaning that smelly ketones emanating from the mouth will soon disappear.

Keep your mouth clean

Obviously you can’t use soap and water, but what you can use is toothpaste twice a day by brushing your teeth, as well as antibacterial mouth washes, which leave a minty fresh taste behind after they help destroy some harmful bacteria left behind in your mouth.

Brush your tongue

It may sound strange, but as long as you don’t have a bad gag reflex, you should also brush your tongue with minty toothpaste, as well as your teeth. This is because a great deal of bacteria left behind from our food is often stored on the tongue as it’s so rough, which provides an excellent surface area for bacteria to live and breed on.

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