Best Body Wash For Men That's Works

Bar Soap vs Body WashBar soap vs body wash, It used to be that using a body wash and one of those poufy things was only something you’d consider doing at your mom’s, your sister’s, or your girlfriend’s house. But now that a great deal of men’s grooming brands make body washes specifically for men, it’s got a lot of guys wondering whether or not they should ditch the old reliable – the bar of soap. The big draw behind body washes are that they don’t leave filmy residues on skin.

Bar soap vs body wash

They lather up better than their bar counterparts. As well, because they’re typically used with an exfoliating sponge, scrub or loofah, body wash often facilitate smoother skin texture all over the body. But before you toss your bar of soap in the trash, consider the following virtues of the centuries’ old favorite. Bar soaps are often free of chemicals and additives that irritate sensitive skin but keep body wash liquid. As well, loofahs and poufs are breeding grounds for bacteria unless cared for properly (hot water rinsing, gentle overnight soak in an antibacterial agent like hydrogen peroxide, and/or frequent replacement).

Don't toss out your bar of soup just yet you might still need it.

If you’re not dedicated to that kind of pouf maintenance, you might be better off with a bar. Showering at the gym presents another strong argument for bar soaps. Not all gyms provide soaps or body washes, and even those that do cannot guarantee how fresh they are or by whom they were last used. Yet, carrying a bottle and loofah into the shower along with your towel (and perhaps your razor) begins to look a bit ridiculous. The bar simplifies things greatly in this and most other travel situations.

What works best for you is, of course, a matter of personal preference. But don’t let the women in your life influence your decision on what makes your shower a more enjoyable experience.

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