Best Manscaping Tools According to Expert

Best Manscaping ToolsManscaping is a term used for male grooming. Manscaping is chiseling your body, cutting your hair, building muscle or other physical characteristics that make a man more attractive. Manscaping tools can range from the type of supplements used for working out, to the masculine sticker placed on your water bottle. But for grooming purposes, there are a few manscaping tools that should be in every Alpha toolbox.

Furry fellas will spend a lot of time and money grooming their fast growing hair. A straight razor will go dull too fast, and shaving cream will be everywhere. Besides, who wants to spend the majority of their bathroom time mowing their body? Get an electric trimmer to do the heavy work of cutting body hair.

Have you ever heard the term “taco meat”? If you have, then it’s not really a complement but a subtle joke about your chest appearance. If you haven’t heard this term then you should know that taco meat is referring to the fuzzy hair sneaking out of your polo shirt or the layer of carpet puffing your shirt. If you want to sport a nice look, then manscaping your chest with an electric trimmer will do the trick.

Men do trim their lower hair line for a more attractive look in the bedroom. Buy a nice straight razor to manscape this area. We aren’t referring to the flimsy disposable ones; we are talking about a razor that has some weight to it. There’s something about the quality of the rugged razors seen from the Wild West days. If you don’t want a straight razor to shimmy your man parts, then a fixed razor with replacement blades are good to have in your arsenal of manscaping tools.

Again, an electric trimmer and a quality straight or fixed blade razor are great. But you should know how to use them to define lines on your body. That five o’clock shadow should be maintained and any of these tools will help shape your face with defined lines that add a masculine look. Another good manscaping tool to have is something to grab those mangy nostril hairs. Noses aren’t always flattering an don’t turn people on so if you have a cliff hanger or a rope of hair spilling out of your nose it will send people away, almost like bad breath. Use a nose trimmer to get those hairs out!

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