Deodorant or Antiperspirant – Don’t Sweat It

Deodorant or Antiperspirant - Don’t Sweat ItAll deodorants are not created equal. So which is the best one to use regular deodorant or antiperspirant, roll on, gel, stick, clear or white? With so many options it’s no wonder why guys look like a deer in the headlights while standing in the deodorant isle. The solution is simple, first you must ask yourself how much you sweat and how strong your natural body odor is.

Tips to choosing the right deodorant or anti-antiperspirant

Looking to cut body odor?

Go with a deodorant. The alcohol combines with the acids in your skin to fight off odor causing bacteria. Also you should change up your brand every six months to a year. Just like bacteria can be tolerant to antibiotics the same can happen with the bacteria in sweat, so switch up your routine.

Are you a heavy sweater?

If you sweat heavily you’ll want to start with an antiperspirant. Antiperspirants work by preventing you from sweating in your underarms. The main ingredient aluminum chloride reacts with sweat and produces salts that actually block your sweat glands.

Roll-on or stick?

Can’t decide on roll on or stick. Roll on’s are best for men that don’t perspire very heavily and have a more subtle body odor. The stick will offer longer protection due to the adhesive quality. Just remember to be careful if you have a lot of under arm hair so you don’t have unsightly deodorant chunks. Another mistake that people make is using the same brand of deodorant for years. Truth be told your body can actually build up a resistance and thus leaving you less protected. So change up your brand every 6 months. You can even find a few you like and rotate them but don’t keep using the same brand over and over.

Keep good grooming habits

The easiest way to prevent excessive body odor starts before you put any deodorant or antiperspirant on. Make sure you bathe daily with an antibacterial soap and dry off thoroughly after showering. It also helps to keep your under arm hair clipped (yes guys you can do that and still be manly) and make sure you wear breathable fabrics.

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