Skin Problems Common Easy Fixes Tips

Easy Fixes for Common Skin ProblemsEasy fixes for common skin problems. When adults grow out of their teens they often leave the days spent battling with skin problems like acne behind, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t suffer from other skin problems over the years or that the acne is gone for good. When a skin problem arises it is often because of a certain product, activity or a combination thereof and is nine times out of ten easily treatable and preventable in the future.

Easy fixes for common skin problems

Adult Acne

Adult acne is one of those skin problems that plagues everyone now and then and can be an immense source of embarrassment and loss of confidence. Adult acne can come in many forms from whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and so forth.

Easy Fix:

Keep the skin clean and dry every day by using a mild soap to remove sweat, dirt, oils, etc from the pores and keep the pores clear of blockage. Use an astringent such as witch hazel, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to minimize the pores and dry them out. If you moisturize your skin with lotions or creams remember to use an oil-free product to keep oils on the face to a minimum.

Dry Skin

This skin problem is usually caused by one of the following: showers/baths that are too hot, a lack of properly moisturizing regularly or using harsh soaps/deodorants on the skin.

Easy Fix:

Change up your bathing routine and lower the temperature on your baths/showers to a more lukewarm temp. Switch out your soap/deodorant for a milder version that isn’t as harsh on the skin. Remember to regularly moisturize the skin directly after bathing as the skin is more likely to absorb the moister at that time.

Razor Burn

This is probably one of the most common skin issues for men and can be very frustrating. Razor burn often looks like a rash or a heat burn and comes from shaving too close to the skin with a razor.

Easy Fix:

Soften the skin and hair of your beard with steam or hot water before shaving. Always shave with the grain of the hair to avoid unnecessary pulled or bent hairs. Even if your beard hair is very course don’t pull the skin tight or pull on the hair to get it to shave properly as this will likely just get you a face full of razor burn and spots of hair still covering your face. Finally, use a skin balm that is alcohol-free instead of an aftershave to properly soften and moisturize the skin after shaving.

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