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Electric Toothbrush Benefits to Improve Dental Health

Electric Toothbrush Benefits to Improve Dental HealthSome anxiety about the dentist is normal but avoiding your dentist altogether can result in more than just bad breath. You could be putting your sexual health at risk. Research shows that along with risks for cancer and heart disease, periodontal disease can lead to impotence. Periodontal disease in men is higher than in women, meaning more plaque, tartar, bleeding from the gums when probing and prolonged, chronic inflammation throughout the body. One of the best ways to enjoy better dental health is by getting the right electric toothbrush benefits.

Electric toothbrush benefits to improve dental health

Choosing the Best Toothbrush

Size and bristles are two things you need to look for. For one thing, most adults need a toothbrush with a head that’s about an inch tall and about a half and inch wide. This will allow easy access to all surfaces. Soft bristles are also the safest choices. Medium and hard bristled brushed tend to damage the gums and the protective enamel. For many using a manual toothbrush is fine but others prefer the electric toothbrush benefits because they can clean teeth deeper without as much work.

About Electric Toothbrushes

Some studies show that certain kinds of electric toothbrushes were more effective in removing plaque because of their fast oscillation. As a result you don’t need to press as hard, which can result in fewer abrasions on your gum enamel; abrasions act as portals for harmful bacteria. There are even some toothbrushes that deliver fluoride better, which can help protect your teeth and prevent decay. One of the other great electric toothbrush benefits is some brands have built-in timers that can prevent you from brushing too quickly and not getting the full benefit.

Of course, the cost of an electric tooth brush can be a turnoff.

Not only the initial cost but the replacement heads and batteries can add up too. Even if you get one of the less expensive varieties, for about $20, you’re still looking at about $100 a year in maintenance. The worst thing that could happen is if you invest all that money and the toothbrush breaks. You can drop it on the floor or residue can build up and prevent the brush or the batteries from working properly. In that case, you need to buy a new one.

If you decide to use an electric powered toothbrush, it’s a good idea to learn which electric toothbrush your dentist recommends for you as well as how to use and maintain it. You will need to change the head every few weeks, just like your manual toothbrush and you need to make sure you find the right replacement head. Remember all aspects of your health are at stake.

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