Facial Hair for Men with Office Jobs

Facial Hair for Men with Office JobsFacial hair for men with office jobs. If you have an office job and don’t want to offend your boss read on below, overly facial hair for men can be a turn off so you need to keep your whiskers under control. Today there are virtually hundreds of different ways to wear your facial hair which makes it difficult to know which ones are appropriate and which ones you should avoid. Top options to style facial hair for men who have office jobs.

Facial hair for men with office jobs

Keep it clean cut

First, remember anything dyed, strange, or unkempt is completely unacceptable by professional standards. With that out of the way there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on the best facial hair for your office job. It is important to keep your facial hair consistent regardless of what it is you decide to do with your hair. That means every day shave or cut your hair according to the style you’ve chosen. Don’t let it grow out where it looks wild.


Second, consider a beard. In one study men who wore a beard with an angry expression were seen as more aggressive and powerful than the same man with a cleanly shaved face. Consider growing out a beard of your own if you work in sales or in a corporate structure where you deal with other powerful people. Who knows it could actually help you sales commission in the long run.


Third, a goatee is a good option for the office. A well groomed goatee is perfect for the guy who likes to party on the weekend and work hard during the week. If you choose to go this route then consider a goatee that connects full to the beard portion of your facial hair and then keep the rest of your face completely shaved. Never go to work with a halfway grown out beard with a fully developed goatee, it’s not professional.


Fourth, mustaches really aren’t in right now. Of course, just because this isn’t the style doesn’t mean you can’t consider growing out your upper lip hair. If you do go that route then consider a mustache like the pencil that is barely noticeable but just enough hair to claim you have a ‘stache.

Whatever look you choose be sure to first consult with your company’s standards on facial hair before you start growing out that beard. Some offices have strict rules regarding grooming habits so don’t get your hopes up before you know what the rules are.

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