Best Face Wash for Men According To The Experts

Find a Face Wash for YouPicking out a face wash can be about as much fun as watching  romantic comedies or going to that vegetarian restaurant your girlfriend has been trying to drag you to. But the good news is it’s on the same isle as pretty much everything else you need like deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste and soap so it’s easy to get everything in one stop.

Here are some tips on finding the right face wash

Once you have made your way to the isle you will have some choices that you will need to narrow down to find the right wash for your skin type. If you have small pores and you can’t feel any moisture on your cheek when you touch it you have dry skin, If you have shiny skin with larges pores and tend to break out you have oily skin, and if your face feels pretty average or you’re not sure you probably have normal or “combination” skin.

When it comes to the wash itself men with dry skin should stick with a light gel or foaming cleanser in luke warm water. Avoid bar soaps those will just dry you out. Oily skin men should opt for a daily light cleanser or cleansing bar. Make sure whatever you use does not clog your pores or dry your skin out completely. If you are the lucky normal “combination” skin type you can really use which ever form you would like. Here are a few great options for every budget.

Top Low Cost Face Wash 

Nivea for men’s face wash, price around $5. It’s affordable and it is available in oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin varieties. It is loaded with vitamins to help cleanse and condition the skin.

Top Mid Priced Face Wash

Clinique for Men it's priced at $16.50, and it's noted to give a gentle yet thorough wash and a great face prep pre-shave.

Top High Cost Wash

Anthony Logistics for Men Algae Facial Cleanser priced at $36, it's on the pricier side of the face wash spectrum but it receives top ratings for cleansing, moisturizing and healing properties.

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