Grooming Down There Tips for Your Lady

How to Get Your Woman to Groom Down ThereWomen are sensitive creatures. In the 21st century women are all about exerting themselves and proving their independence from men so how do you tell your woman to groom down there. We are all for women being true to themselves, but sometimes we have our own needs. If you find yourself wishing your girl had some better ‘grooming’ techniques then you’ve come to the right spot. We are here to help you tactfully and honestly ask your girl to trim it up a bit more south of the border.

Tips for grooming down there for your lady

Take the “It’s Not You It’s Me” approach

Being a dude in a relationship is a tricky business and if you want to tell your girl that you would like her to groom down there since the area is not very appealing you need to make sure you don’t hurt her feelings. You can do this by telling her you are simply sensitive to hair. Tell her you feel like you could please her better if she had less hair. Analyze your girl and make sure she is open minded enough to accept your tastes for what they are. But above all make sure you blame yourself instead of making it about her.

Ask her what she thinks of shaved pubic hair

One of the best ways to get a girl to groom is to ask her personally what she thinks about fully shaved or neatly groomed hair down there. This allows you to hint around to what you like. When you ask her what she thinks there is a good chance she will respond by asking you what you like. This presents you with an opportunity to tell her flat out what you like and why. If she really likes you then she will more than likely change herself to fit what you like.

Ask her to shave for you

If you are comfortable being honest with your girl then don’t hesitate to ask her outright to shave it up. Tell her you are more into going down on her when she is well groomed below. There is also a chance you can compromise with her and see if she would be willing to simply keep her hair trimmed. If you are honest and kind in the manner you approach her she will probably respond positively if she is open-minded.

Lead by Example

Obviously, if you want your girl to do something you should be doing it yourself first. If you expect your girl to be clean shaven or even trimmed up then you better be trimmed up yourself. Trust us, the first words out of her mouth will be about how you should shave your package if you don’t already. No one likes to feel like they are being picked on. After all, it’s embarrassing to be told you have too much pubic hair. Take that into consideration first before you open your mouth and demand anything from your girl.

Women are as sensitive of their skin, so make it a point to be kind and open with your request. If you are you will have a better chance of getting what you want while perfectly balancing your girl’s needs in the process.

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