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Grooming Area Men Forget and Women Don’t

Grooming Areas Men Forget and Women Zero In On

Grooming areas men forget and women zero in on. When it comes to proper grooming for a man there are the obvious areas such as the beard, head hair, clothes, etc, but there are some grooming areas that men can forget about that women take notice of in the long run. You might think that this is a small thing when compared to more prominent grooming areas, but in a poll conducted by the University of Boston of the 1000 women polled these four grooming areas were most commonly stated to lower sexual desire and suitability as a romantic partner. Grooming Areas that you may be missing.

Grooming areas men forget and women zero in on

Facial and Body Complexion

For most men taking care of the complexion comprises cleaning the skin while showering and that’s about it, but many women take notice of a man’s skin complexion right away. If you have dry, flaky skin or oily, blemished skin a woman’s desire falls rapidly upon noticing. Men generally have pores that are 25% larger than women, leading to a higher likelihood for skin issues. Having a proper skin routine such as exfoliating and moisturizing can improve your chances of making the right impression.

The Color of Teeth

Whether you smoke, drink coffee, soda or a number of other habits, it is all too easy today to get yellowed, dingy teeth. Women take notice of this and the decrease in sexual desire can be directly related to the whiteness of a man’s teeth. To ensure that women aren’t turned off by the color of your teeth follow a proper brushing regimen with a whitening toothpaste and follow up with a whitening program such as whitening strips, dentistry teeth whitening, etc.

Sloppy Neck and Nape Hair Grooming Area

Sometimes when you shave it can be easy to forget less noticeable areas where hair grows such as the lower neck and the back of the nape. Women find this a turnoff as it can look sloppy and disjointed when in comparison to an otherwise well put together look. So be sure to pay close attention to the lower neck and the low back of the nape to remove stray hairs that stand out.

Bad Breath

Much like having yellow teeth, bad breath can kill the mood very quickly. Stinky breath can oftentimes turn a woman’s stomach, giving her a weft of everything you eaten that day in a not so pleasant way. Oftentimes it can be easy to ensure fresh breath by brushing and rinsing with a mouthwash after every meal, paying close attention to brushing the tongue were germs can build up and stink up an otherwise clean mouth.

Stray Hairs – Ears, Nose, Eyebrows Grooming Area

Probably one of the biggest grooming blunders of all time that is sure to have the ladies running for the hills is having stray hair in places it doesn’t belong. There is nothing worse than a forest growing out of your ears/ nose or having Andy Rooney like eyebrows. Now there is no need to go overboard when grooming these areas because you do need some hair up your nose and inside your ears but just be sure to clean up around the outside so none are hanging out and keep the eyebrows from looking too bushy. For this you can use a trusty pair of tweezers or trimming scissors or if you really want to trim them down most electric razors have a small ear/ nose hair attachment that can easily fit within those areas.

Bushy Pubic Hair 

We’re not saying you have to go bald eagle, but nowadays women prefer their men to be well groomed downstairs. After all if you prefer her to keep her grooming up down there it’s those same reasons why she wants you to keep yours in check. If you have never attempted to clean up your pubic area it’s best to start with a trim. Using a beard trimmer slowly trim all around and don’t forget your balls too.

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