Grooming Areas that Men Don’t Notice and Women Do

Grooming Areas that Men Don’t Notice and Women DoWhen it comes to women, they simply notice the details more than men, it is just the way it is with grooming areas that men don't notice and women do. Because of that there are going to be some grooming areas that men fail to notice that women do and just can’t stand. Sometimes getting a woman’s attention is hard enough, but to fail to do so because of an issue such as hair in unsightly places is even worse. So pay attention and heed our warnings.

Grooming areas that men don't notice and women do

Neck Hair

For most men this is not even a blip on the radar, but for women it is a glaring fly in the ointment that just grabs their attention and won’t let go. Neck hair that is too sloppy or in places that it shouldn’t be cools a woman’s desire very quickly, so nip that problem in the bud. Do self grooming on the back of your neck one a week by removing the guard on your electric hair clipper and buzzing the area to get a smooth, clean look. Or, if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, go to a barber and have them include the neck hair in your regular hair cut routine.

Facial Complexion

Your face is often times one of the first things a woman might notice about you and in doing so they’re going to notice your facial complexion as well. If you’ve got dry flaky skin, acne or oily skin it’s going to send them heading for the hills faster than you can say “what’s your name?” Pay attention to your facial complexion by investing in a good facial cleanse if you have oily skin or acne, and invest in a good facial lotion if you have dry skin on your face. For men who have issues with complexion regular soap just won’t cut it for dry skin, so in addition to a facial moisturizer, get a cleanser that infuses moisture as well.

Bad Breath and Yellow Teeth

Your mouth is far more important than you realize because they are looking at your face constantly and they are kissing you (hopefully), and if you have yellow teeth and bad breath your chances of keeping them interested is slim to none. For your teeth, brush at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes and investing in a teeth whitening kit to help restore the whiteness of your teeth (this is especially important for smokers as your teeth are more likely to be yellowed because of the nicotine.) For bad breath, be sure to scrub the tongue when brushing as that is a big source of your bad breath and follow up with a peroxide based mouth wash that kills germs, plague, bacteria and so forth.

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