Grooming Gadgets Every Man Needs

Grooming Gadgets Every Man NeedsGrooming gadgets every man needs. If you asked a woman what she wanted in a man she’d probably respond with a variation of “confident, good looking, charming and knows how to groom himself.” Women value a man who takes pride in proper grooming and the best way to do that is by having a few necessary grooming gadgets to make grooming easier. Below are some grooming gadget you should have in your bathroom.

Grooming gadgets every man needs

Nose Hair Trimmer

Let’s face it, men get hair is unsightly places like the nose that women just don’t find attractive… especially if the hair is so long they’re getting tickled by it when you kiss. A nose hair trimmer  grooming gadgets can help to keep nose hair in check so that you don’t look like you’ve got a burgeoning forest growing out of your nostrils.

Fresh Breath Tester

Rank breath when you’re leaning in to kiss can kill a mood and possibly completely kill any sexual desire she may have had for you long-term. Your mouth smelling like a skunk crawled into it and died is never a good thing, so a fresh breath tester can help to let you know when you need to pop a mint or ten when your breath isn’t as fresh as it could be. The gadget tests the overall sulfuric and gas levels in your mouth to determine how fresh your breath is after a dinner that had a little bit of garlic or onion with it.


Most men view hairdryers as strictly a woman’s grooming gadget, but they can help you to create a variety of different hairstyles and textures as well as allow you to dry your hair quickly so you can be on your way. As a bonus having a hairdryer on hand for when your girlfriend sleeps over can make mornings a lot easier for her when she can do her usual hairstyling without a problem.

Electric Hair Groomer

An electric hair groomer can help you to keep your hair in order whether you have your hair cut professionally or not. Being able to quickly adjust your sideburns so that they are even for a date or trim that section of hair on your head that always seems to grow faster before a trip out of town with your girlfriend is a good thing and with an electric hair groomer you can easily do that without having to break out the scissors or razor.

Electric/Sonicare Tooth Brush

The older style of tooth brush just isn’t cutting it anymore when tech savvy companies create tooth brushes that can use sonic waves and thousands of brush sweeps per minute to keep your teeth sparking white and free from cavities, plaque and gingivitis. When you feel confident that your teeth are clean and look perfect, you’ll smile more and feel more confident to approach that beautiful woman who’s been eyeing you from across the bar.

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