How to Shave a 5 O’Clock Shadow

How to shave a 5 o’clock shadow
Ah, the infamous five o’clock shadow shave. This short beard stubble along the chin and face has been the staple of action movie stars and tough guys everywhere. If it isn’t being sported by muscular actors or powerful men with female libido-inducing qualities, then it is held by some of the most powerful men in the business world.

Can you sport a 5 O’Clock Shadow at the Workplace?

Yes, the years of clean-shaven faces being the standard for professionalism have long since passed. Nowadays, top men in the rosters of business and power have various forms of attractive facial hair. The 5 o’clock shadow is no exception, and instead of just not shaving they actually take great care to shave the perfect look.

The intended goal is to have a short layer of stubble across the face which appears as if it is 5 o’clock, and the man has built up a masculine layer of facial hair after shaving earlier in the morning.

Unfortunately, many men end up with one of two things. Some end up shaving their beard too thin leaving them with a clean-shaven face, or it leaves a patchy growth pattern that is sure to keep away the ladies. On the other hand, some men shave it too thick or leave too much. The final effect is akin to Grizzly Adams – they are left with unsightly ape hair that is unattractive in every way possible.

How to Shave the Perfect 5 o’clock shadow

So what is the sure fire way on to shave a 5 o’clock shadow? There are two methods typically taken by men. One is incredibly easy to follow – simply shave your face at night. When you wake up the next morning, you will have a 5 o’clock shadow. However, this is only, and I repeat, only for men with fast growing facial hair. In other words, some people can naturally grow a good looking 5 o’clock shadow, while most cannot. If you are one of the lucky individuals who have fast growing facial hair, then there you have it.

Now if you are one of the many other men who cannot grow a nice looking 5 o’clock shadow do not despair. The process is still rather simple. Buying a quality electric shaver and using one in the morning with good discretion will get you the same, manly effect. If your face is well endowed with facial hair, place the shaver on a low setting for best results. If you have patchy facial hair, a higher setting will be necessary to create a handsome 5 o’clock shadow. For best results it is recommended to shave before you shower. It will leave you looking tough and manly.

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