Tips for Men to Treat Dry Cracked Feet

How To Treat Dry Cracked FeetThose dry cracked feet of yours are getting sore, right? You've got those tiny cracks in your heel that are pretty easy to ignore until that crack goes deep into your skin and it feels like you've stepped on a nail. Being proactive to treat dry cracked feet is easier than you might think.

Tips to Treat Dry Cracked Feet

If you do have cracks in your feet right now, however, here are the steps you can take to get those sores healed in the next few days:

Keep your feet as clean as possible

Those cracks in your feet go all the way through the skin. It's basically like you took a knife and made a thin slice through your foot! As with any injury, it is very important to keep the crack as clean as possible. Use some alcohol, iodine, or even just soap and water and thoroughly brush out the crack to remove dirt particles that could cause an infection. Then it is a good idea to wrap the cracked area with some gauze to prevent more dirt from getting in.

Treat dry cracked feet with a triple antibiotic cream

Those cracks are going to be super sore for the next two or three days. By using a triple antibiotic cream or ointment, you'll help to relieve some of that pain, assist your body in healing the cracked area quickly, and add another level of infection protection to your foot. You should use the cream or ointment as directed, likely three or four times per day.

Stay off your feet

Every time you put weight on the cracks in your feet, you're actually aggravating the injury. It's like having a cut on your arm that you keep picking at – it never heals if you keep picking and picking and picking. Stay off of your feet as much as you can the next couple days so that your foot has the chance to really start healing. If that's not an option for you, add some cushioning around the cracks as you wear your shoes so that you can take as much weight off them as possible.

What If I Don't See Any Progress

Sometimes a callus can be so thick and a crack so deep that lotions, cleaning agents, and antibiotic ointments just can penetrate deep enough to do any good. If you don't notice any progress in the cracks of your feet in three or four days, you may need to remove the callus around the crack of your foot. A specialized foot doctor can quickly sand a callus away, but in a pinch, a decent shower and a standard razor can do the same thing. Just be careful not to peel away too much skin, otherwise your foot is going to hurt even worse! Then simply repeat the process set forth above.

Once healed, be proactive and put some lotion on those feet! It just takes some lotion or Vaseline a couple of times per day to keep the skin on your feet healthy. If you've got tough calluses, you might also consider using a pumice stone in the shower a couple times per week as well. If you get in that routine, you'll never have dry cracked feet ever again.

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