Ingrown Hairs: How To Prevent Them

Ingrown Hairs Be GoneFor men who shave regularly ingrown hairs can be an unsightly, painful, itchy part of life. Ingrown hairs happen when closely shaved hair curls back and gets trapped under your skin. From there the ingrown hair causes an infection that swells up with pus and creates small bumps. If you are prone to ingrowns you can probably relate to spending hours in front of a mirror with a needle and a pair of tweezers to force them out. However there is hope for you pluckers out there and the key is in prevention.

Top 5 tips to get rid of ingrown hairs

1. Exfoliate

Before you start your shave clean and exfoliate your beard to release and dry skin surface any shallow ingrown hairs so you can easily shave them off.

2. watch out for irritation

If your skin is still irritated from your last shave try using a gel shaving cream if you use a blade razor or try alternating with an electric razor to help alleviate irritation.

3. Start with the grain

First Shave the same direction as your hair grows (with the grain) then shave the opposite way the hair grows (against the grain.)

4. Wash skin post shave and dry

Once your shave is complete wash off the remaining shave cream or gel with cold water, then pat your face dry and apply an ingrown hair toner to firm skin and close up pores. Allow a few minutes for toner to set in.

5. Use Toner

Once toner has dried use a moisturizing after shave balm to give you a soft natural look.

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