New Age Skin Care For Men That Works

New Age Skin Care for MenYour face sets the stage for all interactions in your life, and with more beauty products and treatments targeted towards new age skin care for men it is more popular than ever. As a man it’s difficult to accept these new skin care regimes and not stick with the old tired and true method of washing your face, shaving and applying some good ole fashioned aftershave. But the benefits of changing up your skin care routine far outweigh the discomfort of making some small changes.

To get on the New Age band wagon of skin care for men, start out with a few simple changes and mix up some of the following products into your routine to get the most benefit.

New age skin care for men

1. Discover what your skin type is.

Most men wash their face the same way their fathers did and so on. This can create a damaging routine that does nothing to improve the skin on your face. If you really want to look good you have to first know what your skin needs. If you have dryer skin then micro-abrasion and moisturizing are the two most important things you can do to create the glow you desire. If your skin is oily then you should pay attention to the products you use and avoid anything that is oil based. Simple tricks like these will keep your skin looking fresh and masculine.

2. Don’t pick at pimples.

Men have a hard time leaving pimples alone, we like to pick prod, and squeeze pimples until the pus and blood are brought to the surface. Too bad this is the worst thing you can do for a pimple. Try to get into the habit of leaving pimples be. If you feel you must pop them use a sterilized needle and some rubbing alcohol and pop away. Just remember, scars can form if you pop the pimple too soon so be careful.

3. Moisturize!

Women are excellent at moisturizing they know that it keeps their skin young and healthy, but men think it is un-masculine to put lotion on their skin. How wrong are they? Pretty wrong. New products like Calvin Klein’s CK One moisturizer use all natural plant ingredients like gingo biloba and ivy to rejuvenate your face and leave it feeling fresh and moist. This also impedes further skin damage like wrinkles making you look younger.

4. Wear Sun block.

Men have long ventured into the wild with no sun block on to protect themselves from the Sun’s harmful rays. New agers call this foolish. Take care of your skin by blocking up with SPF 15 or more and protect yourself from sun damage. It’s not feminine it is simply a smart thing to do.

The bottom line is you don’t have to be a metro-sexual to take care of your skin, common sense dictates that if you want to look and feel good for years to come you have to take care of yourself now. Follow the above skin care suggestions for the best possible skin you can achieve.

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