Remedies for Shaving Nicks and Cuts

Remedies for Shaving Nicks and CutsRemedies shaving nicks for cuts. We've all had it happen shaving nicks. You tie your tie, and when you put the collar back down there is blood on it from a razor cut. You thought the bleeding had stopped. After all, you'd walked around the house for half an hour holding a tissue to your neck. Or what about this, you end up late for an appointment trying to stop the bleeding. Maybe you didn't even notice the little nick and someone at work pulls you aside to tell you there's a little trickle of blood running down your neck. How embarrassing! Best remedies for shaving nicks and cuts so that you can avoid all of these scenarios in the future.

Remedies shaving nicks for cuts

Styptic Pencil

Perhaps the best solution available is the styptic pencil. It virtual cauterizes nicks and cuts on contact. You just add a little cold water to the pencil and hold it to the wound. You feel a little burn, but the results are worth it. Aluminum sulfate is the key ingredient in this nifty little shaving tool that every man should have. Just be sure to pat it dry before you put it away. Leaving it wet will cause the styptic pencil to fall apart.

Use antiperspirant or lip balm

What can you do if you are away from home and you forgot your styptic pencil (shame on you)? Most antiperspirants use aluminum chlorhydrate. Just rub your finger on it and then use your finger to apply it to the cut. If the idea of putting something that has been on your armpit in an open wound is too disgusting for you, try your lip balm. Again, use your finger. This time it's actually more gross in the other direction. You don't want to rub your open wound on something that goes on your lips.

Alum block if all else fails

If you suffer from a lot of nicks and cuts, you may want to try an alum block. You can rub it all over your face, and you'll be able to pick out all of the little cuts from where it tingles.

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