Smell Nice Rules to Follow Always For Men

Rules to Follow to Always Smell NiceThere are certain rules to smell nice that you should always follow, allowing you to smell pleasant and appealing no matter what. Your scent is oftentimes the precursor to how a person perceives you; if you smell less appealing they are less willing to be around you and if you smell nice, you’ll have people wanting to be around you more, making you the life of the party wherever you go.

Apply Cologne at Your Pulse Points to smell nice

Have you ever seen a woman apply perfume to her wrists and just behind her ears and wondered why she did it? The reason is that your pulse points are continually throbbing, repeatedly impacting the scent at your pulse points and sending it up into the air around you throughout the day. Put cologne at your wrists, your neck and over your heart, and your cologne will be more effective.

Don’t Overdo It with Your Cologne

There is a point when too much cologne starts to become less pleasant and more distastefully as it permeates the air around you like a dense fog. A great rule of thumb for cologne is to wet a finger once for every spot you apply the cologne (wrists, neck, heart) and keep it at that. If you have a bottle of cologne, keep it to one or two spritzes or sprays as anything more will overpower those around you.

Don’t Mix Scents

The another way to always smell nice is by avoiding the error of mixing scents that can create undesirable smells as those scents mingle with each other. Things like your cologne, aftershave, deodorant and body wash all play a part in your scent and if they are battling against each other the results smell may not be as pleasant as you would hope. Try to make sure that the products you use are either a part of the same product line or have no scent that would interfere with your cologne.

Reapply Your Cologne at the Mid-day Mark

After so long your cologne begins to wear off and you don’t smell as nice as you did when you started out your day. Reapplying your cologne after about 6 hours will help to revamp your scent and give you are little pick-me-up that will assure you that you smell wonderful, allowing you to feel secure in finishing out your day with confidence.

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