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Seaweed Skin Benefits Healthy Cell Repair

Natural Seaweed Skin BenefitsNo guys, seaweed isn’t just a slimy nasty green weed that grows in the ocean just to get tangled up on your leg while you are swimming, it is actually really good for you. In fact, natural seaweed skin benefits are tied to one of it’s greatest attributes. Sound crazy? Well, seaweed is coming to the forefront now more than ever as natural remedy so don’t dismiss the power of seaweed just yet. Consider what all the experts are saying about our newfound friend.

Top Natural seaweed skin benefits

Healthy Cell Repair

It turns out that seawater contains virtually every nutrient our bodies need and apparently seaweed absorbs those nutrients making it one of the best plant species to consume. One of the biggest complaints both men and women have about their skin is that it is blotchy or is constantly breaking out in acne. Part of the reason for this is cell damage. Our skin is one big organ made up of tiny little cells, but once those cells are damaged it creates a domino effect. The antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in seaweed work with cells to repair themselves and infuse it with everything it needs to be healthy.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Additionally, oils in our skin make it impossible for it to fully dry out and this leads to inflammation or acne. Seaweed is an all natural anti-inflammatory which makes it perfect for facial skin. It is also tailor made for drawing out toxins in the skin. If applied over the entire body seaweed will make skin appear clearer and healthier, and who doesn’t want that?

Rich in vitamins seaweed skin benefits

If you find yourself treating major skin diseases like Rosacea you might want to load up on some seaweed because that’s the trick to getting your skin back to its normal color. Seaweed is vitamin dense and the vitamins it is rich in are the ones necessary to clear skin of inflammation that causes the discoloration you experience with Rosacea.

Don’t forget that the skin is an outward reflection of what is going on inside the body, and often times when your skin is looking cruddy on the outside it needs help from the inside. Once again seaweed comes to the rescue. Iodine is a natural chemical found in seaweed that is also vital for thyroid health and when you consume it on a regular basis you find that your skin is rejuvenated. Iodine works to clean the blood and pulls toxins from every area of the body leaving your skin clean and toxin free.

So the next time you think seaweed is good for nothing more than making your girlfriend scream every time you go to beach, think again.

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