Shaving Tips you Probably Don’t Know About

Shaving Tips you Probably Don’t Know AboutShaving can be a necessity and a total pain in the neck, literally. Even with modern shaving technology like four bladed razors and waterproof electric shavers to help make our lives easier many men still suffer from razor burn, ingrown hairs, and sensitivity to name a few. So what’s the deal? To get to the bottom of this dilemma we have come up with some shaving tips to help the every day man even seasoned shavers probably don’t know about.

Top Shaving Tips Every man should know

  1. Shave after a hot shower. This imitates a hot towel at the barber.
  2. Use cold water after your shave to close pores.
  3. Men with sensitive skin should shave after a cold shower.
  4. Use products like nick stick instead of toilet paper to stop bleeding from cuts. They reduce the pain and help the spot to heal faster.
  5. Change razor blades every week or sooner.
  6. • Don’t use a new razor cartridge before a big event or special occasion.
  7. Exfoliate with a scrub or sponge before you shave.
  8. Wet or moisten face before applying shaving cream.
  9. For an everyday shave go with the grain.
  10. For a super close shave: first, shave with the grain with very light pressure. Second, reapply a coat of shaving cream and shave against the grain for super-close and smooth results.
  11. Always shave with a mirror and proper lighting. A three mirror set up to cover all angles is best.
  12. Don’t use foams, gels and products that contain agents such as benzocaine or menthol. They may give a great lather but can really dry and irritate the skin, close your pores and stiffen your beard.
  13. Massage oil or shaving cream into face and allow it to sit for 1 minute before shaving.
  14. Use short strokes opposed to long drags as they give a cleaner shave.
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