Shaving Tips And Styling For The Perfect Shave

Simple Guide to Daily ShavingSimple guide to daily shaving. You may hate shaving on a daily basis, but the fact is that being clean shaven is in, and a lot of women look for that. So what is the best way to go about this daily drudgery? Knowing the right shaving technique can make it nowhere near as bad of an experience. Here are some pointers.

Simple guide to daily shaving

Shaving Prep

First of all, a great shave starts with opening the pores and getting the hair ready. Start with a hot shower or at least splashing some hot water on your face. Next, it is time to lubricate the hair. If you've never used a preshave oil then it is no wonder you dread shaving. Preshave oil will get the hair soft and ready to be cut. Plus, it will help prep the hair for the next phase which have it standing up, so you cut closer and don't have as many ingrown hairs.

Lather Up

Next, it is time to lather. Don't use spray cans that spit foam or gel. Spring for a legitimate cream or soap. Make sure that you use a brush, preferably one that has some real boar's hair. It may smell a little at first, but that will go away and the bristles will really get your hair standing up and ready to be shaved. If you use cream, just put a dab in your hand, wet the brush, and swirl it till you have a nice foam. If you use a soap, you'll need a dish to lather up in. Brush the lather on in circular motions to get the hair ready for the razor.

Keep your blades sharp

Straight razors are great, but most modern blades cut nearly as close. Either way, make sure your blade is sharp. Always shave with the grain the first time. If you need a super close shave, relater and groom a second time against the grain.

Aftershave care

Make sure that you have a nice aftershave cream. Those splash on after shaves are basically just alcohol. Your after shave should smell nice and sooth your face at the same time. You can keep a styptic pencil around to heal any nicks. Just make sure to use cold water with it, and always dry it off before storing so that it doesn’t fall apart.

When you shave the proper way, you have a completely different experience. In fact, you may even find that you don't have to groom as often because you are getting a closer shave. Your skin will stay smooth, and you'll avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs. So be sure to groom your beard like a proper gentleman.

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