Sunscreen Tips to Keep in Mind this Summer

Sunscreen Tips to Keep in Mind this SummerThe sun is beautiful and it gives us things like warmth when we need it and light to guide our way, but with out sunscreen it also gives us things we don’t need like UV rays, sunburns, risks for skin cancer and so forth. That is why it is important to put sunscreen to good use when you are out and about this summer. Sadly though, many people forget to use sunscreen or are unfamiliar with good practices when it comes to the protectant.

Below you’ll find 6 sunscreen tips to help you know more about using the vital sun protection.

1. Use Enough

You would be surprised, but many who use sunscreen don’t use enough of it and are nearly as at risk of sunburns and skin problems as those who don’t use the protectant at all. When using sunscreen it is important to use enough so that every part of the skin you apply it to is evenly covered and protected from the sun. A general rule of thumb is a generous handful for each person.

2. Cheaper Brands

Unlike many other products on the market today, sunscreen is one of the few when there is really little distinction between the more expensive name brands and the cheaper economy brands. So don’t worry about buying the one that is the lowest price, it will still be able to protect you while you’re out in the sun this summer.

3. Use the Correct SPF

Generally you should use an SPF of 30 or higher as this allows the absorbed sunscreen to reflect the sun from your skin at about 97% or higher efficiency. Lower SPFs allow more sun and its harms to come in contact with your skin, raising the risk of you getting a sunburn or worse. If you would like to get a tan (which really is still a risk) never go below SPF 8 because any lower and you are basically not wearing sunscreen at all.

4. Reapply it Often

Things like sweat, water, towel drying and the like can remove the sunscreen from your skin, so you should reapply every hour or so to make sure you stay covered.

5. Overcast Weather

When the sun isn’t out bright in the sky there is the misconception that it is no longer harmful to the body, but the sun’s ultra-violet rays can still peek through the clouds up to 80% on an overcast day. So apply sunscreen like you would on any hot bright summer day.

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