How To Quick Shave When You Are On The Go

The Quick Shave RoutineNeed to get in a quick shave in the morning but your running out of time? Whether you have a fast growing beard or you just like to shave daily to keep the ingrowns at bay, we have a surefire quick shave routine that can speed up your morning time without butchering your face. While it is most definitely important to take your time while putting a sharp object to your skin there are a few easy ways to combine your shaving steps to get you a close and clean shave and still get you out of the door in a hurry.

1. Prep in the shower

wash your face and exfoliate while you are in the shower. Use a soft sponge or natural loofah to help bring ingrown hairs to the surface and remove dead skin. This will help free up trapped hair and also significantly cut down on sink time.

2. Use pre-shave oil

It works like a brush by softening and lifting the hair, and moistens skin. It also doesn’t take a lot of time to use, especially when rushing through your morning. Use a few drops of a good, light, lubricating oil like the Shaving Pre-Shave Oil and spread evenly across your beard.

3. Use can shaving cream

Since you already exfoliated in the shower and softened your beard with your pre-shave oil use a light layer of can shaving cream to coat your beard. This can trim off a few minutes compared to mixing and lathering the real shaving cream in a dish.

4. Use a new razor

An old razor can slow you down by needing to re-shave missed areas. Use a new blade and slow down while using to avoid razor cuts.

5. Use combo aftershave/ moisturizer

Try a combination aftershave, moisturizer with SPF to lather on before as your last step. This will lock in your shave without adding extra steps.

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