Eyebrow Grooming For Men Guide 101

The Secret to Eyebrow GroomingFor a long time eyebrow grooming was seen as a thing that women did, but in recent years it has become more acceptable for men to reign in their bushy eyebrows with a bit of careful tweezing or trimming. However, oftentimes men who do partake in eyebrow grooming don’t know what they are doing, leaving an overly groomed eyebrow or a mess of hair in all the wrong places. To help keep that from happening below are 4 tips to ensuring that your eyebrows are properly groomed and looking good.

Make Sure the Eyebrow Length isn’t too Long

Your eyebrows should be roughly the length of your eye with a little room to spare. If it goes too far on either the inside or the outside you need to tweeze the sucker until the entire length of the eyebrow is no more and no less than the length of your eye. To check to make sure the length is right, take a pencil and align one edge with the outer nostril of your nose and then point it towards the inner portion of the eyebrow, if the hair goes past that point it needs to be tweezed; repeat the same for the outside edge of the brow.

Trim the Brow So it Isn’t too Bushy

A Groucho Marx impression may be okay for Halloween, but for the rest of the year it’s a big no-no. Use grooming scissors or a small electric hair trimmer to reduce the bushiness to a more manageable level, but don’t overdo it. Men’s eyebrows don’t have to be perfectly shaped or thinly layered so don’t worry about getting that perfectly maintained look women have, as long as the eyebrows aren’t reminiscent of two moustaches on top of your eyes you’re good to go.

Shaping the Eyebrows

When it comes to shaping it is more a personal choice than a requirement. Some men prefer a more arched eyebrow while others prefer the natural arch of their brow. The trick with this is to make sure that whatever you choose goes with your facial type. Thin and long faces or those with a strong jaw really don’t need arched eyebrows as their faces already create angles that accentuate the brows. For rounder and shorter faces, arched brows can help to lengthen the faces and make it look more evenly proportioned.

Avoid the Uni-Brow Look at All Costs

A uni-brow is widely accepted as one of the worst looks on a face for both men and women. Whether you take the time to groom your eyebrows by shaping and trimming them or not, at least pluck the hair between the middle of the brows to achieve two eyebrows instead of one big brow. Follow the length guide for the inner eyebrow to know how much brow hair to pluck, but don’t go too far… an overplucked brow can look just as bad as one that is allowed to overrun the face.

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