How To Shave For That Flawless Look

Tips for a Smooth and Flawless ShaveShaving can be a difficult task if you don’t have the tools, knowledge or skill to do a correct shave. The invasive act can cause everything from cuts to rashes and unshaven sections, making you look and feel less than confident after the shave.

Top tips for men to get an amazing shave

To help ensure that you are well verse in the act of shaving, we’ve put together a list of tips for a smooth and flawless shave that will help you to always have a perfect shave no matter what.

Use a Facial Scrub to Prime the Skin and Follicles Before Shaving

A facial scrub can help in a variety of ways to ensure a better shave such as preparing the hair follicles to be cut, opening facial skin pores and lifting up the stubs of hair so that the blade can cut as close tot eh skin as possible. It can also help in reducing the possibility of ingrown hairs or infections as it removes dead skin cells and dirt that can clog the pores afterwards.

Shave in the Shower as Much as Possible

Shaving in the shower is one of the best things that you can do to ensure a smooth shave without tender skin or shaving rash. The moisture from the shower helps to soften both your skin and the hair, allowing a closer shave and the facial hair to be easier to cut without multiple swipes from the razor.

Always Use a Sharp Blade

After a while even the best of blades can get dull and when they are dull there is a higher likelihood that you will cut yourself, get less of a close shave or cause infections/ingrown hairs to appear. Be sure to regularly replace disposable razors before they get dull or to sharpen straight razors every month or two.

Be Aware of What is in Your Shaving Creams and Aftershaves

During and after shaving your skin can be damaged by irritants such as menthol, alcohol, citrus or peppermint as it is defenseless after the invasive shave. Be aware anything that tingles, burns or numbs your skin isn’t good for it, so pay close attention to the products you buy for your shaving routine.

Don’t Skip an Aftershave Routine

Shaving can scrape away skin on the face and cause other problems such as drying out the shaved area; because of this is it important to have an aftershave routine to that treats the damage done to your skin right away. Balancing the moisture, soothing the burn and preventing ingrown hairs/infections with a moisturizing aftershave can help reduce the time it takes for your

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