Common Clothing Stains and How to Remove Them

Common Clothing Stains and How to Remove ThemCommon clothing stains remove are one of the biggest problem with guys. The way clothes are worn will help define the personality of the person. Choose them well, and you can help build up your brand. Wear them the right way and in a clean manner, and you project a good aura to other people. With these things in mind, it pays to take care of the clothes every time. Unfortunately, there are some things that are beyond one’s control including stains.

Common clothing stains remove

Often during parties and social events when you are all dressed up, a small drop of gravy leaves behind some horrible mark or stain. Or while you are in a gathering, a lipstick has smeared your dress. This may happen at the office as well, which can create all the wrong impressions from clients or coworkers. For this reason, it is best to learn how to remove or clean common stains. Here are some common clothing stains and effected tips to remove stains.

Grease stains-

Treat a grease stain in three steps. Rub off solidified grease with a bread knife. Place the stained part of the fabric stain-side down on a white paper towel or clean cloth and apply dishwashing soap to the back side of the stain, leave it for at least two minutes. Apply good detergent directly to the stain and wash as usual. If the cloth can accept a hot wash setting, then do so. For the toughest grease, use the toughest detergents.

Ketchup stains-

Ketchup stains should be rinsed in cold water and re-treated with good detergent for several minutes. Clean away the detergent with white vinegar and rinse the garment.
Bloodstains- Soak the affected piece of fabric in cold water. If the stain is fresh wash it as usual. Old blood stains require a bit more effort. Scrape the old stain with a dry brush and then soak in cold water and white vinegar before washing.

Ink stains-

You will need a glass without a lid. Do it near a sink or over the washing machine. Pull the stained part of the cloth tight across the top of the glass and pour the alcohol over the affected part. Wash the garments as usual. Blotting the stain with alcohol before washing works, too, but do not always rub the stain. This smears the ink and works it deep into the cloth.

Coffee stains-

Immediately you can spread salt on the affected part of the cloth after that soak the cloth with washing detergent for 5 minutes and wash it with water.

Grass stains-

You need a lemon and rub on the cloth for 2 minutes to start removing some parts of the grass stains. After that take a non gel brush and whitening toothpaste and apply it on the stain and wash it as usual.

These are the most common stains and tips to remove them. If you follow these tips you cannot lose your expensive and well-love garments and clothes which are usually wasted through common stains. And with these tricks, you can now confidently join social events and be the star of the crowd.

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