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Fashion Mistakes Men Make and Women Hate

Fashion Mistakes Men Make and that Women HateCommon fashion mistakes to avoid that men makes. For many men fashion mistakes is a word that has little to no value in their world; it is nothing more than a word that women throw around when they are caught up in the clothes they are wearing or a pair of shoes that they just have to have. But, even the most fashion challenged man needs to pay attention to the concept of fashion mistakes because women can be a bit harsh when they see a big glaring fashion no-no staring back at them from an otherwise male “hottie”. To avoid that, take a look below at fashion mistakes men make and that women hate.

Common fashion mistakes to avoid that men makes

1. Short Sleeve Shirts with a Tie

This big fashion mistake is often seen in business offices where men make the mistake of pairing a short sleeved button up shirt with a tie not realizing how horribly awkward the pairing looks. Unless you’re enrolling in a preppy boarding school or living the life of a Mormon evangelist knocking on doors, try to avoid this fashion no-no as women grimace in distaste when they see these two items paired together.

2. Speedos

For about 99% of the male population a Speedo is never, never, the right choice of swimwear to choose because let’s face it, unless you have the body of a Greek god you’re going to look like overly large man stuffed into a teeny, tiny “girdle”. So let’s make a pact, any man that steps out into the sunlight gets a gentle shove and a “No, just no!” from a caring buddy, agreed?

3. The Comb-Over

As men grow older they begin to lose their hair, it is just a simple fact of life, but some men fight that fact with tooth and nail by incorporating the “comb-over” into their daily hair styling. This fashion mistake is painful to see and really, it’s not fooling anyone. Take a cue from an original action movie badass like Bruce Willis and just shave the thing, women love a man who embraces his sexy baldness rather than going the way of the embarrassing “Donald Trump” comb-over.

4. Too Much Bling

A quality made watch here or a classy ring there is fine, it shows that you can recognize exceptional jewelry pieces when you see them, but too much bling and you look like a step below a decked out rapper with gold teeth and a dozen necklaces swinging around their neck. Be sparring when it comes to choosing jewelry; one or two pieces is just perfect, but any more than that and you might be showing up your lady love in the jewelry department and they never like that.

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