Fashion Trends Men Think Women Love

Fashion Trends Men Think Women Love – But They Actually HateSo. You’re ready to go out. You’re giving yourself that final look-over, and you think you look good. And why not? You’ve followed the latest fashion trends and managed to rock your own carefully-cultivated style. The ladies are going to love you. Careful, there, buddy – you might be that guy.

You know, that guy who thinks he knows what makes the ladies go wild, but really just earns a polite smile and a group giggle at his expense the moment he walks confidently away.  So, how can you be sure?

Here’s a quick list of fashion trends men think the ladies love, but they actually hate.

1) The Fedora.

Granted, there’s something romantic about the idea of a fedora, along with a crisp pinstriped suit and a tailored vest, but let’s be real. There are only a few guys on the planet who can pull this look off – people who look like Frank Sinatra or Johnny Depp.  So, as much as you may want to channel a classy bygone era, leave the fedora at home. Or better yet, on the shelf at the store.

2) The Skinny Jean.

Actually, a guy can rock a skinny jean. But he has to be the right guy – not to heavy or too thin – and they have to be the right jeans -- not too tight and not too loose. And they have to be paired with the right shoes, and the right shirt, etc., etc. In short, it’s a risky move. Unless you’re sure all the skinny jean planets are aligned, steer clear.

3) Big Accessories.

The way a guy accessorizes says loads about his taste level and personal style. And gentlemen, size matters. A slightly oversized watch or bracelet can work, if it’s ultra-cool, ultra-sophisticated, or funky in a stylish way. But it shouldn’t be so oversized that it’s visible at 50 yards. And if you do go oversized, limit yourself to one ‘statement’ accessory and keep the rest of your wardrobe simple and classy.

4) The Deep V-Neck Shirt.

There might be some ladies out there who like and actively seek out chest hair (although we’ve never met any of them). However, in most casual social settings, women prefer to leave men’s chests to the imagination. So, no deep-cut V-necks, and please, no unbuttoning your shirt down to your navel. It doesn’t make you look like a telenovela hero – it just makes women wonder whether you forgot how to properly work the buttons.

5) Too Much Cologne.

A subtle woodsy, earthy or musky hint can definitely encourage a woman to stay close. But splash on too much cologne, no matter how enticing the scent, and it just says you’re trying to hard or that you’re naturally so offensive smelling that drastic action is the only recourse.

6) The Latest Tech Gadgets.

Some gadget-loving guys believe their sleek, teched-out phone, iPod or laptop can’t fail to impress a woman. Unfortunately, most women really don’t care. They’re way more interested in you. And if you bore your date to death because you can’t stop showing off your gadget-of-the-month’s features or latest apps – well, you really don’t want to be that guy, right?

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