Manly Colognes for the Enjoyment of Your Woman

Manly Colognes for the Enjoyment of Your Sweetheartmanly colognes for the enjoyment of your women. At some point or another, men will have to come to a stark realization that some good manly colognes works wonders with the ladies. The battle is not always to the handsomest or the most suave, but to the best-smelling. You read it correctly. Often, the most attractive thing about a man for women is the smell or scent they give off. It is a throwback to our days as primates, and it has followed our species for millions of years. There really is something to the expression, ‘animal attraction’, even in the world of human seduction. For this reason, it is imperative men across the world familiarize themselves with finding manly colognes. It is not simply a matter of smelling good – it is a matter of getting the girl or not.

Manly colognes for the enjoyment of your women

Musky Colognes

Musk is one of the manliest smells known to man. Musk oxen are well renowned for their distinctive scent, and male musk oxen use the scent regularly to attract mates. Along the line, mankind discovered the attractive properties of musk and began utilizing it to make some of most manly colognes out there. Even the experts aren’t necessarily sure of how musk creates the effect, but nobody can deny the results.

Citrus Colognes

Nothing screams manliness more than vigor, vigilance and energy. Finding an energizing and invigorating scent can make even a 98-pound weakling smell like a virile and powerful man. One of the best scents for achieving this effect is the citrus scent. Colognes utilizing mandarin, grapefruit and lemon can give you the manly effect you deserve and make you seem energetic and ready to take on the world by storm.

Woody, Outdoor-Scented Colognes

Many manly colognes take a mixture of invigoration and energy and intermingle it with the scent of the outdoors. There is nothing manlier than trekking out in the woods and braving the outdoors. For this kind of effect, mint, evergreen and tarragon are effective in achieving the smell of the great outdoors. The fresh, spicy and woody aromas of these colognes are sure to make an excellent, masculine impression.

Pheromone Laced Colognes

While many men consider this a cheat, it still ends up making the list of manly colognes simply because it is the very essence of what makes cologne manly. Women are attracted to pheromones in the scents men give off in their sweat. In the same manner, pheromone laced colognes aim to achieve a similar, if not artificial, effect. While pheromones are almost undistinguishable when it comes to scent, cologne with pheromones will still give you the effect of being a man.

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