Best Winter Workout Gear For Men

The Right Winter Workout GearCold weather doesn't have to mean time off from working out. It doesn't even have to mean a gym membership. The right Winter Workout Gear can maintain your outdoor exercise routine right through the winter months.

Winter workout gear to keep you warm while you get your blood pumping.

Saucony running shoes

Saucony is one of the best companies for workout gear. They specialize in minimalist running shoes, but they make a great shoe for winter running. The ProGrid Razor is a nice trail running shoe. This can be advantageous if you run through some water. Nothing will send you home faster than wet feet when it is cold outside. Whatever the deep tread on the shoes doesn't dispel will be stopped by the liner. Plus, the shoes weigh less than a pound, so when you are going the distance, they won't hold you back. While you're at the site, check out some winter training gloves. The ViperLite conversion gloves have a nice modern appearance and can let your index finger out quick for when you need to use your smart phone in an emergency.

Under Armor ColdGear

We all love under armor. Everything they make fits perfectly and seems designed to make us feel good about ourselves. But they can help keep our heads warm too. This is vital since we lose a lot of heat through our head. The ColdGear hood is a great way to keep it in.

All Season Gear

AllSeasonGear makes a lot of great stuff for varying temperatures. If you don't live in an area where it gets super cold in the winter, instead of bogging yourself down with a big coat, you can go with a lightweight reversible long sleve crew. If you need some heavier gear Nike makes a great windbreaker to put over it. Some days the wind can make the difference between what temperature is bearable and what isn't.

New Balance Winter Control Tights

For your legs, New Balance makes some winter control tights. I know that sounds like ladies workout gear, but it isn't. They aren't super pricey as winter gear goes, and they won't let you overheat once you get going.

So don't let winter kill your training program. You don't need a layer of extra weight to keep you warm in the winter. You can buy the right winter gear, and wear it while you keep yourself trim and ready for Spring. You'll be the first one back at the pool.

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