How to Choose a Brand Name When Buying Clothes

What’s in a Brand NameWhen it comes to buying clothes we all know that when you are dealing with designer brand name the price tag goes way up. So what’s the deal with brand name clothes versus the No name clothes? Do we really need those name brands? The answer can go both ways. A lot comes down to personal preference however when it comes to brands make sure they live up to those big price tags with these features.

Is having a Brand Name Really Better?


With most brand name clothing articles you will experience a better quality than those of the cheaper no name status. On the brands you can expect more durable fabrics, solid construction and longer lasting through wash and wear. Brand names also usually come with guarantees and have company websites and phone numbers where you can contact them in the instance of a defective product.


Brands build their name around their reputation. You can wear a Timex or a Rolex and both will probably work just fine however the Rolex comes with a higher level of prestige and recognition.

Better Fit

Most brands have a higher quality fit and charge more for the attention to detail that they put into their products. For example, a pair of Tru Religion jeans has a particular cut and construction that you might not find in your bargain brands.

• Fashion Trends

If you want to stay up to date on the latest trends and fashion you will generally pay a premium to keep up.

Brand name goods always charge a premium so do your homework and look for price reductions. Just keep in mind that most of the sale items by large brand names are items that other people passed on so if you are buying it because of the tag and it’s such a “great deal” make sure you actually like the item or it won’t be a great deal at all if you don’t wear it.

That being said it doesn’t mean that a few no name garments can’t balance out your wardrobe. If you find no name clothes that fit well and look good by all means add them to your collection. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your clothes and you project the image that you are looking for.

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