Are Raw Eggs Good for You What's the benefit of raw egg

Are Raw Eggs Good for YouEver since those famous Rocky movies when we saw him eat raw eggs and win the fight it seemed that Hollywood was responsible for the myth that made people wonder are raw eggs good for you?

Are raw eggs good for you or not?

Salmonella Poisoning

The truth is that raw eggs are NOT good for you and there are a number of reasons why. Probably one of the most important reasons why raw eggs are bad for you is because of the potential for Salmonella poisoning. The last notable recall for eggs containing salmonella was back in August of 2010 when millions of eggs already out on the market were recalled.

Protein content is not higher than cooked eggs

Nutritional science has also proven that there is no loss in the protein quality that you get when the egg is cooked. However if an egg is cooked too long the quality of the coagulated protein will be diminished the longer it is cooked. Frying or soft-boiling an egg will give you exactly the same amount of protein as a raw egg.

Longer digestive transit time

The last point about raw eggs being a myth is that the digesting of a raw egg will take up to 5 hours whereas the digestion of a cooked egg could be only an hour or two at the most. This is important to note if you are eating a lot of protein as your kidneys and liver are under more strain generally.

Although eggs do not fall under the “good fats” list, they are packed with vitamins and minerals. You need to be very aware that eating a whole egg will be 89% fat because of the yolk. If you want to eat raw eggs or cooked eggs as one of your main protein sources it is a good ideas to remove the yolk if you are looking to lose weight or have high cholesterol.

It is interesting to note that the only true complete proteins that we have available to us on this planet are milk and eggs which is something that makes a lot of sense when you think of breast milk. The first form of food every baby has when they are first born is mother's milk.

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