Metabolic Damage While dieting how to avoid it

How to Avoid Metabolic DamageWhen it comes to losing weight, burning fat, and providing our bodies with enough energy to get them through the day, you may or may not know that our metabolisms are responsible for all of these processes, and many more for that matter as well. Our metabolisms basically take calories and existing body fat stores, and convert them into energy, which we then use to get us through the day, in the same way that cars and vehicles require fuel to make them work. So it is important to not damage our metabolic damage while we embark on our weight loss journey.

If your metabolism is running at its most efficient, you will have plenty of energy, and you will also be burning fat and calories at a pretty substantial rate. On the flip side however, if you have metabolic damage you could suffer greatly, mainly due to the fact that you’ll gain weight very easily, and will often find yourself tired and lacking energy. There are things you can do that can not only prevent you from damaging and harming your metabolisms, but to also actually speed them up and make them more efficient.

Avoid eating the wrong foods

Some foods, mainly stodgy processed junk foods full of fat, salt, sugar, and other artificial ingredients, will not only cause us to gain weight, but they can also lead to us damaging our metabolisms too. Eating too much processed junk food will permanently harm the metabolism, due to the fact that it simply cannot easily break these foods down and convert them into energy for the body. For that reason, it’s highly recommended that you steer clear of processed fatty junk foods, and instead opt for fresher, healthier, more natural foods instead.

Eat healthy, medium sized meals often

The best way to keep your metabolism burning like a furnace, is to ensure that you keep it well fed. People seem to think that eating regularly will cause them to gain weight, but if the foods they eat are healthy and balanced, it’s actually the opposite. The metabolism is like a fire. If you leave it to die down into a bed of glowing embers, before smothering it in a vat load of coal, it will struggle to burn the coal as it will be starved of oxygen and not powerful enough.

Instead, if you feed the fire regularly, with manageable sized buckets of coal instead, it will easily burn this coal, and will actually burn far hotter, and generate more energy as a result. The same applies with the food you eat, if you eat small healthy meals every couple of hours or so, the metabolism will work great, so you can burn more fat, and enjoy more energy as a result.


A great way of really kicking your metabolism into gear is by exercising on a regular basis. The reason for this is because you need more energy to exercise, so the metabolism burns more calories. If you exercise regularly, the body thinks that this amount of energy will be required every day, so it tells the metabolism to continue working in this fashion on a more regular basis, so even when you rest, you’ll still burn more calories than previously.

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