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Bad Habits That Are Making You Old

What habit Making You look Old

What are some bad habit that are making you look old. It seems like only yesterday that you were in the prime of your life. Or maybe you’re still there and you’re concerned that your days in the fast lane are coming to an end. You’re ready to start making whatever changes are necessary to live the life you enjoy. So you might ask yourself what’s making you look old?

There are a number of daily activities that may be aging you little by little? Here are some of the most common mistakes people make in their personal care routines that could be costing them years worth of youthfulness:

What are some habit that making look you old

-You skimp on sleep:

Hey, we all have our reasons – kids, work, dating, trying to make it to the gym, stress, insomnia… but in all seriousness, sleep deprivation not only makes you feel tired it’s making you look old. It also shows in your face, your skin tone and your mental acuity. Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night.

-You have a caffeine habit:

We love a good cup of coffee with the rush of caffeine as much as the next guy, but caffeine is not without its drawbacks. For that little morning (or afternoon) wake-me-up, you’re sacrificing your body. Caffeine works by tricking your brain into being alert as it would be in an emergency – flooding your body with hormones that inhibit deep sleep, enhance weight gain, and rob cells of life-giving water. Just cutting back can make a huge difference in the level your body functions at naturally.

-You don’t cook:

If you don’t cook then you either eat a lot of restaurant or take-out meals or you live on frozen and instant dinners. Here’s the problem – salt, salt, salt. Salt loves water – it does not love you. So it will gladly take the water out of your cells and leave them dead and shriveled. Do this to the wrong kinds of cells often enough and you can look older and end up at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease. And guess what quick-pick meals are loaded with? That’s right. So – do yourself a favor. Learn to prepare just a few low-sodium meals at home. Or, if you simply can’t – skip the frozen or canned meals, select items off the menu with the sauce or dressing on the side and at taste at least two to three bites of food before grabbing the salt shaker. You’ll thank us.

-You rarely drink water:

We know it just tastes so plain, but aging is a result of cellular health. And nothing is more important to the life of cells than water. Hydrated cells are young cells. Increase your uptake of H20 to at least five or six 8-ounce glasses a day and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Need some flavor with that favor? Try some of the newest sugar-free infused water brands like Hint and Twist.

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