Bad Habits that Make You Age Faster you Need to Change

Bad Habits that Can Add Years to your AppearancePeople seem to think that when it comes to our appearances, it’s simply women that wish to look as youthful and as healthy as they possibly can. The truth of the matter is however, is that more and more men are now taking pride in their appearance. Trying their best to not fall into bad habits that make you age faster and stay fit and healthy as they possibly can. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a little pride in your appearance, and it can help you to look better, and feel better, both physically and mentally due to the fact that it’ll almost certainly improve your confidence levels.

Top bad habits that make you age faster

Lifestyle factors that make you look older

We all grow old, that’s just the way of life unfortunately and at the moment, there’s nothing we can do about this. To help us look youthful and healthy however,  there are several things we can do. Premature aging isn’t usually caused simply by genetics, as many people seem to think, but rather by a number of bad habits and lifestyle choices that people choose to make on a near daily basis. If you wish to look and feel youthful and healthy, then you needn’t worry, because if you know what bad habits to avoid, or what you’re doing wrong, you can then start to make some positive changes to take years, even decades from your physical appearance.


Smoking is an extremely bad habit that harms your health, costs a fortune, and can add years to your appearance. Cigarettes contain a number of harmful chemicals which harm your skin, causing it to turn a slightly yellow colour, and dry out, causing it to become wrinkled. There’s a reason that heavy smokers look and sound so unhealthy…because they are. If you quit smoking your skin will look so much healthier and youthful.

Yo-Yo dieting

Yo-Yo dieting isn’t healthy for our insides in the slightest but it turns out that it also harms our skin as well as our insides too. Yo-Yo dieting makes us appear older than we are, because as we lose weight, and then gain it back again, ligaments and tiny fibers in our skin become stretched and damaged, causing the skin to lose its firmness and suppleness. The looser our skin becomes, the older it looks and the more pronounced wrinkles can become.

Consuming too much sugar

Sugar is extremely harmful for both our health, and indeed our skin too for that matter. When we consume sugar, it actually forms and creates molecules known as advanced glycation end products, which have been proven to harm and deplete the body’s natural stores of elastin and collagen, both of which are responsible for the skin’s firmness and elasticity. The less there is, the more wrinkled and saggy the skin can appear.

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