Lose Subcutaneous Belly Fat with these Tips

How Burn Subcutaneous Belly FatEver found yourself at a loose end in regards to your weight loss progress? You may have lost weight over the last few weeks or even months relatively easily, but now suddenly your progress may have ground to a halt. Since subcutaneous fat is the fat layer located directly below the skin when you experience a high volume of fat loss you are usually stuck with extra skin that you can pinch and is a few inches in diameter. No matter how hard you try, your body seemingly will not want to give up those last few stubborn pounds of subcutaneous fat, and you’ll almost certainly find yourself extremely frustrated because of this. Tips to get rid of Subcutaneous Belly Fat.

How to burn burn subcutaneous belly fat

Now, you could simply sulk, order a pizza and throw your hands in the air exclaiming “what is the point?!” But that won’t get you anywhere. Instead, you need to mix things up, and approach your diet and training in different ways to help rid you of that last remaining subcutaneous belly fat.

Reduce your calories

Even if you’re already eating extremely low calories as a part of your battle against the bulge, you should still aim to cut your calories some more. If your weight loss progress has ground to a halt, and you seemingly cannot shift those last few pounds to get rid of subcutaneous belly fat, then obviously a change is needed. Change does the body good, and it could be just the shock to the system that it needs, to start metabolizing those last few pounds of fat. Look at reducing them by around 500 calories. This may sound extreme, but it’s all down to a question of how badly you want something, and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.

Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast

Never ever skip breakfast, it’s the meal that kick starts your metabolism in the morning. Go with something healthy like granola, fresh fruit and natural yoghurt perhaps. Or for extra protein, an egg white omelette with chopped veggies could be absolutely perfect. Starting your day with a good breakfast is a great way of getting you up and running.

Eat small meals regularly

You may think you need to starve yourself in order to lose weight, and only eat one or two small meals a day. Wrong. In actual fact, it’s better to eat small healthy meals, every three hours or so, as it helps, keep your metabolism running. The faster your metabolism is running, the more calories you burn, meaning the more fat you burn. These meals are basically fuel for your metabolism, kind of like throwing coal onto a red hot furnace of a steam train.

Make sure to include weight training into your routine

People trying to lose weight, tend to focus solely on cardio exercise rather than muscle. The truth is that both can be extremely beneficial. Lifting weights builds muscle, and the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism becomes. This is because these muscles constantly need energy, meaning you burn calories even by simply resting. You don’t need to train like a bodybuilder if you don’t want to, but a couple of solid weight training sessions a week, can help build lean muscle, which will increase your metabolism. All of these things can help to get rid of those last few pounds of stubborn subcutaneous fat that you thought you were stuck with forever.

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