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Is Calorie Counting Good for Losing Weight?

Is Calorie Counting Good for Losing WeightIf you’re like millions of other people living in this world, then at some point in your lives, you either will have, or you will, experience problems with your weight. This is perfectly normal and it tends to affect far too many people unfortunately. When we’re younger, we can get away with eating and drinking as much junk and alcohol as possible, and only gain a pound or two, which we can burn off in a matter of days. As we grow older however, our bodies begin to change, and we find it much harder to lose any stubborn weight we may have gained over the years. As we get older we realize that we have to start calorie counting if we want to keep the weight off and stay healthy.

Is calorie counting effective for weight loss?

Not only that, but as our metabolisms also slow down as we grow older, gaining weight becomes easier and easier, and losing weight becomes harder and harder. There has been a debate raging for decades now, about whether or not counting calories is a viable and productive method of losing weight. There is considerable research to suggest however, that when done in the correct manner, calorie counting can be a very healthy way of shedding those unsightly pounds.

Counting Calories vs. Other Fad Diets

As media and advertising are so lucrative and competitive, it would appear as though everybody is now jumping on the fad “celebrity endorsed” diet plans as a way of losing weight. Clever marketing and advertising would have you believe that a certain washed up celebrity from Hollywood, who used to be overweight, suddenly lost their weight by following some ridiculous diet plan such as the cabbage soup diet, or even the chocolate diet. Yes, there actually is a chocolate diet, and it’s complete and utter garbage too. What the advertisers and magazines won’t tell you, is that the celebrity who lost all of that weight, has tons of money, can afford to buy the best quality produce, has their very own personal trainer, chef, and nutritionist, and possibly even underwent lipo surgery as well.

Safe and Effective

Counting calories however, is a far healthier and safer method of losing weight. Based upon your size and your activity levels, experts have worked out the average human being’s average recommended daily allowance of calories. For men, as they’re naturally bigger and more muscular, they tend to require more calories than females.

CICO Principles

Losing weight is actually pretty simple when you use the CICO (calories in calories out) calculation. Just burn off more calories than you take in, and your body is forced to dig into your excess fat stores to provide it with the energy it needs to get through the day. However, you still need to be eating the right foods.

you can’t eat junk food and keep your calorie intake low and still be healthy and lose weight, it doesn’t work like that. The body needs vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Eating fresh, low fat, natural foods however, and counting your calories and taking in around 500 calories less than your recommended daily allowance, is a sure fire way of losing weight healthily and naturally, without having to eat ridiculous sounding meals, or follow a ridiculous looking meal plan.

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