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Caveman Diet: The pros and cons

basics of caveman diet

In recent years, you might have heard about the Caveman diet among your friends or family members. However, if you don’t have any idea, you are not alone. The Caveman diet is popularly known as the Paleo diet or Stone Age diet is a kind of diet in which you should not take any sugar-based or processed foods. While following this diet you tend to eat only the foods which are eaten by ancient people. This caveman diet has both pros and cons. However, it can offer more benefits to your body.

Pros and Cons of the Caveman diet

weigh the pros and cons

The main foods that are part of this diet are fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots, fish and meat. These are the foods that were eaten by our ancestors and followed now and named this diet. In this diet, you need to strictly avoid farm items like dairy, grains, legumes, sugar and processed oils.

Pros of the Caveman diet:

energy rich food in caveman diet
  • When you follow this diet it will improve the Vitamin B12 levels, as it is present in animal-based foods. Increased B12 levels can lead to increased energy from following the caveman diet.
  • Here, you tend to eat fish and other natural foods that are enriched in omega fatty acids. So you can obtain the health benefits of omega 3 to omega 6 fats for your body.
  • People who are all looking for a big weight loss transformation prefer the caveman diet as there are no oils or junk foods in it.
  • If you have allergies, the Paleo diet is a natural fit as there is no use of dairy, soy, corn, and gluten in it.
  • Also, the Paleo diet is best for people who are anemic because of the focus of red meat on the Paleo menu. Red meat can increase iron levels in your body thereby producing more red blood cells.
  • Due to the presence of more fat and protein in the caveman diet, you will feel fuller and satisfied after the meals.
  • As said before, there are no processed foods in the Paleo menu and so they act as healthy foods. When you follow this diet you can avoid most processed foods, added chemicals, and preservatives which mostly enhance the taste. It also adds more shelf life to the food.

Cons of the Caveman diet

expensive food
  • Dairy products are the main source of calcium which is not present in this diet. So you will have to put out extra effort to get the recommended daily calcium content from other items while on the Paleo diet
  • Foods that are in the Paleo diet consume more time and preparation to cook.
  • It’s more expensive. Meat, fish, and fresh fruit and vegetables tend to be more expensive than processed and food.
  • The caveman diet is more difficult to follow for vegetarians because of food restrictions on beans, carrots, and tofu.

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