Bodybuilders Common Health Issues

Common Health Issues for BodybuildersWhen people think about lifting weights, there is often one of two thoughts that come into their heads. The first thought is of a strong and healthy individual, who happens to enjoy weight training and improving his physique know as bodybuilders. The second image is of a huge, freakishly looking mass monster, covered in veins with no neck, who walks as if he’s carrying two large carpets under each arm.

Whatever your opinions of bodybuilding may be, one simply cannot deny the fact that in order to add muscle to your frame, you must be willing to put in a great deal of hard work, dedication, and make some pretty drastic lifestyle changes in order to really notice a change. Yes, bodybuilding has a certain stigma attached to it, often regarding the use of anabolic substances such as steroids, but whether an individual is using physique enhancing compounds or not, they could very well find themselves suffering from a few health issues along the way. Bodybuilding is an extreme sport, and there are certain effects on the body associated with it.

Here are a few common health issues for bodybuilders to look out for.

Bad joints and aching joints

One of the main reasons that people choose to body build, is to get big. Muscle weighs twice as much as body fat, and therefore the bigger and more muscular you are, the heavier you will be. Not surprising then, many bodybuilders often suffer from constant nagging joint aches and pains, simply because they are carrying so much weight. The human body is only built to withstand and carry so much weight, therefore, the heavier you get, the more it struggles. Often joints, especially the knees, can become inflamed, swollen sore and stiff. This can make life pretty uncomfortable, but it is unfortunately, part of the package.

Increased blood pressure

Slightly more serious, is the matter of high blood pressure that many bodybuilders often suffer from. This is indirectly linked to their training and their training methods, due to the fact that they train so intensely, and strain themselves so rigorously whilst lifting weights. High blood pressure needs to be constantly monitored as it can lead to damage to the kidneys, as well as an increased risk of stroke, or heart problems such as an increased risk of heart attack.

Torn or pulled muscles

Depending on how intensely they train, many bodybuilders often suffer from pulled, or sometimes even completely torn, muscles that may need to be surgically reattached in order for them to heal properly. Hernias are also very common in bodybuilders, where the lining of the abdomen actually becomes torn and can protrude out from the stomach, this is also due to over straining and the excessive physical strain that they put on their bodies. These too need to be surgically repaired and can make life very difficult and painful indeed.

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